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Doors and windows are an integral part of your home that impacts its efficiency and look from both within and outside. Always choose the right material and design for the windows and doors, keeping in mind various factors such as climatic conditions in your location, the color scheming of the house, your personal style that you want to be reflected in your home, insulation and robustness requirements among others. And most importantly, get the best professionals to fit them right. At Encino Window Replacement Experts, our efficient team of professionals would assist you in achieving all that you want from your doors and windows.

Replacement Window Styles

We offer myriad window styles and designs to our customers. You are sure to find the most appropriate window that suits your home and brings out its natural appeal and exquisiteness. We take immense pride in offering only the best to our customers, when it comes to window replacements and so we will not disappoint you in any way.

Window Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows etc.

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Door Styles

There are several doors in a home and each one has a specific purpose and functionality. Therefore, every door should be chosen carefully so that it serves its functions and looks aesthetically appealing as well. Here is a list of different door types from which you may figure the one best suited for your home.

Door Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors etc.

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What We Do

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the French door version in windows as they have a hinge with which they open and close. You can choose between a single panel and double panel casement windows. These windows are best suited for living rooms or any other room where you would want the windows to open wide to let fresh air in.

You can customize a casement window as you would like it to match with your home décor. You may choose a plain design that is quite reasonable or opt for a decorative one. You may get in touch with Encino Window Replacement Experts to look and choose from a vast collection of casement window designs.

Garden Windows

Garden windows bulge outwards that provides extra space to decorate the area with plants, pots or other artifacts. Additionally, the outward protrusion extends the room space by a few inches making it look much bigger.

Garden windows opening specifically into a house garden looks especially pleasant. You can decorate the window with bamboo shoots, kitchen herbs, colorful pots, and several other decorative items. Just add a couch by the garden window and make it your personal reading nook. Encino Window Replacement Experts can assist you in setting up the garden window in several ways.

Double Hung Windows

The sliding windows that glide up and down instead of sideways make for double hung windows. There are two moving panels in these windows. These windows are best suited in a place where the wall space is not enough for a window with horizontal opening. Many people opt for double hung windows in their bathrooms and kitchens.

Installation of double hung windows can be a bit tricky. It is therefore essential that the installation is done by an expert who knows the job well. We, at Encino Window Replacement Experts, have professionals having years of experience in this field and shall achieve the most desired results.

Single Hung Windows

Quite similar to double hung windows, single hung windows have one fixed sliding while the other moves up and down vertically. These windows are easy to use, quite low in maintenance and totally practical. Another great thing about single hung windows is that these are available in all kind of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiber or grounded glass.

Get in touch with Encino Window Replacement Experts to choose from several designs and get these windows installed at your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a great choice when you are pressed on space and want windows in your room that aren’t over the top. The sliding windows can have a single, double, triple or quadruple panels, and you can choose the number of panels you want depending on the width of the wall.

Encino Window Replacement Experts have a wide range of sliding window designs by the most reputed window manufacturers. Get in touch with us to get fuss free window installations.

Bay Windows

Similar to garden windows, bay windows protrude outwards as well extending the indoor space to make it look bigger and the wider ledge allows you to decorate the area in numerous ways. These windows are made up of bays and bows that give them an extra edge. Bay windows are best suited for the rooms that open into a gorgeous external periphery such as a private garden or an exquisite view around.

Installation of bay windows can be intricate therefore getting professional help is important. Encino Window Replacement Experts can help you to choose the perfect bay windows and help with their installation too.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a canopy on top that swing upwards in a semi circle direction. They are usually custom made for typical architectural designs and styles. If your home has a classic touch in it, awning windows would be a perfect choice to go with. Nevertheless, the awning windows complement the contemporary home designs equally well.

You may like to contact Encino Window Replacement Experts to have a look at the design catalogue for awning windows. Our expert professionals would help you select the best awning windows that matches with the rest of your home décor and set them up with precision and efficiency.

Picture Windows

Picture windows add an aesthetic appeal to a room as they serve the purpose of decoration only. These windows are fixed and cannot be opened. A picture window can create a great impact in the look and feel of the room, particularly if the exterior views are pleasing and appealing. These sleek windows can be polished in a color to go with the rest of the room décor. Additionally, picture windows offer flawless insulation from sound and dust.

For a picture window, a large tempered glass is apt as it provides uninterrupted view. You can choose whether to put one large window or multiple smaller ones in a line to give a dramatic effect.
At Encino Window Replacement Experts, you will be spoiled for choice. Get in touch with us to help you select the best designs and styles in picture windows while ensuring it reflects your taste at the same time.

Which Material to Choose for Your Windows?

The material you choose for your windows can change the look of the window and the façade of the house drastically. Encino Window Replacement Experts can help you in selecting the adequate window material that not only looks good but also helps improve its functionality. Have a look at different window materials as it will help you in making an informed decision.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are the best choice for anyone who wants to give a classy yet traditional appeal to their home. Wood windows are also well insulated, quite robust and match suitably with the furniture. From barn windows, Venetian shutters to wooden grids with glass inserts – there are endless options to choose from in wood windows. However, they are expensive and require regular maintenance checks.

You can get in touch with our professionals at Encino Window Replacement Experts to learn more about our amazing wood window designs and styles.

Wood Clad Windows

It is known that wood windows are quite a high maintenance which makes them even costlier in long run. Wood clad windows are a contemporary solution to this problem. Here cladding of vinyl, iron or aluminum is done on the exterior parts of the window to prevent wood from getting spoiled due to elements. For those who love the warmth and beauty of wood yet want to go easy on pocket, wood clad windows are a perfect fit. Many people these days are already switching from wooden windows to wood clad windows.

Encino Window Replacement Experts help their clients in smooth transitioning from wooden windows to wood clad windows. You can get in touch with us anytime to assist you with the same.

Vinyl Windows

Of all the window materials, vinyl requires minimum maintenance. They are easy to install and provide great strength as well as insulation. Vinyl can withstand temperature variations to a great extent without expanding or shrinking and hence remain perfectly fitted to the window frame.

The vinyl window comes in several finishes and colors, wooden being the most popular one. When painted in wooden color, a vinyl window looks just like a wood window from afar. Encino Window Replacement Experts can help you in buying and setting up vinyl windows for your home.

Aluminum Windows

Just like vinyl windows, aluminum windows are extremely low in maintenance, making them an optimum choice for most people. The biggest advantage of aluminum windows is that they don’t need repainting ever. The only care and maintenance they require is a wash once in a year and the windows would look as shiny and fresh as new. Additionally, aluminum is quite ductile and hence can fit in any kind of window frame very well.

If you want seamless window fittings, let Encino Window Replacement Experts take care of the things.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass window is a bit more expensive than the aluminum and vinyl window; however, it has its own qualities. A fiberglass window has extra sturdiness and you can paint and repaint these windows as many times as you want. Additionally, there is a large array of colors that you can choose for fiberglass windows.

Encino Window Replacement Experts has a huge variety of amazing designs in fiberglass windows. Our professionals can help you in choosing the right design and install the windows too.

Obscure Glass Windows

For those seeking more privacy, obscure glass window is the answer. The glass in these windows has patterns or designs imprinted on it to make the image look blurry. Obscure glass windows are a great choice for the rooms that need maximum privacy such as a bedroom. The only limitation here is that the blurry windows make the external view inaccessible too.

If privacy and solitude is your thing, then you can visit Encino Window Replacement Experts to choose the right kind of obscure window glass for your home. Our expert professionals shall also efficiently install the windows for you.

Entry Doors

The entry door tells a lot of about the homeowner’s personality and style. From safety perspective, the door should be sturdy, while also having a warm façade that welcomes you and the visitor inside. Many a times, people choose reinforced entry doors to ensure maximum strength and safety. There are, however, several other ways to achieve that, such as biometric password protected door locks to keep you, your family and your valuables safe at all times.

Encino Window Replacement Experts offers installation of all these features on your entry doors irrespective of the door design and style that you choose.

French Doors

These are the most common type of doors that you will find in the homes. A typical French door has two panels and it opens with a hinge. Installing a French door in the living room that opens into a balcony or a garden is great idea, if you have enough room for the door to swing by. The classic design in French doors is checkered panel in wood with square pieces of transparent or stained glass in between. You can paint the wooden panel of the door in any color you like to match it with the home décor or choose traditional white or brown to keep it classy.

Whatever your choice may be, Encino Window Replacement Experts will ensure that the door design and installation match up to your expectation and liking.

Sliding Patio Doors

These are popular owing the space efficiency they offer. With a multiple panel sliding door you can cover the entire wall and open only as much as you want to. Sliding patio doors are available in different materials however the one with tempered glass is most preferred. Tempered glass allows you to get abundant sunshine in, while keeping the house secure from outside elements and intrusions.

Encino Window Replacement Experts have years of experience in installing/replacing doors of all kinds and we’ll ensure the work is carried out to your satisfaction.


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