Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding patio doors are modern in their design and look, convenient to use and can be set up at the narrowest of the places. No wonder, these are becoming a hot favorite amongst the new as well as old homeowners of Encino. Considering the tiny space these doors take up, small alleyways and slender balconies are good places to install them.

There are three different types of sliding patio doors in accordance to the panels in them.

    1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Doors
      These windows have two panels, of which one is moving and the other is fixed. Apt for tiny rooms and small compact balconies, double panel sliding patio doors are the right choice when dealing with space issues at home.
    2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Doors
      As the name suggests, there are three panels in this door. Of the three, one panel is free for movement, while the other two are fixed. When you intend to keep a large area open to get maximum natural light inside, however, there isn’t enough space, a three panel sliding patio door is perfect for you.
    3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Doors
      The widest of all, four panel sliding patio doors have two fixed and two moving panels. These doors look great when opened into a huge balcony or veranda outside. The additional width of these doors blends the inner and outer space of the home, giving an impression of an extra large space.

Materials used for Sliding Doors

An enormous, plain tempered glass sliding patio doors is the ongoing popular choice amongst new homeowners. Glass offers great view, letting in natural light in abundance and makes your room space look much bigger than what it is. If you are more of a private person though, you can have something non-transparent such as shutter doors or wooden barn sliding door, etc. Alternatively, you may have a door with wooden grid all over with tiny glass pieces (opaque, translucent, obscure) within the grid.

Tempered glass in itself is quite sturdy and reliable, adding a wood element adds to the structural strength and durability of the door. If the area you stay in is known for break-ins, adding wood or even better iron, in the sliding patio doors will give extra sturdiness to the doors and you, some relief.

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