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Wood windows exude a warm feeling of all things classic. People who like old world rustic charm and warm colors usually prefer to have wood windows fitted in their homes. You can opt for antique and traditional design with the wood windows the way they are, or you can add a little modern and eclectic mix by altering the design to look more contemporary.

Apart from their mystic and traditional look, wood windows provide insulation pretty well and keep the room warm enough. People living in cold region usually have a lot of wooden element in their homes, such as wooden walls and floor. Adding wooden windows would add appeal to the overall look of the home making it look even more beautiful.

However, the downside of wooden windows is that they demand very high maintenance as wood is quite prone to wear and tear due to harsh weather, be it extreme cold or exposure to direct sunlight. Though the distressed look in home décor is the current trend, but the uneven fading of the windows looks out of place when the rest of the home is gleaming with shine. The wood windows require a lot of work, so go for them only if you can devote time and money for their upkeep.

Encino Window Replacement Experts offer proper guidance on the type of wood best suited for your home, the best manufacturers in town and all the designs available from which you can choose the best to your taste.