French Doors

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French doors look suave and are quite functional too. These doors have two panels attached with the hinge that open and close in a swinging motion. French doors are ideal where space is not a constraint and you want to clearly mark a boundary between the inside and the outside area. French doors usually open up to a porch, terrace or a garden.

French doors have an advantage over the sliding windows. Unlike sliding doors where one panel at least has to remain fixed, the French doors can be opened wide out. Hence, these doors are perfect when the space is not restricted. Since the design is traditional, there is maximum number of designs available in French doors.

French doors on entrances make a classy impact on the viewer. Similarly, single panel French doors are apt for bedroom or bathroom doors. You can set up a swinging French door if your kitchen has a galley style; it gives a very café kind of feel to it. The best combination for French doors is wood and glass or all glass as well. However, checkered grid design is an all time favorite for majority of the people.